Retreat. Resolve. Restore. Renew.


A custom-designed couples’ retreat in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, the Discovery Marriage Intensive with Dr. Mitch allows you and your spouse the time and freedom to concentrate and work through the most important and challenging issues in your relationship. These unique, strengthening sessions are designed to reduce feelings of distress as well as safely, productively resolve specific problems through objective personality and behavioral assessments, exercises, and focused therapy interventions in a private environment at Bellingham’s tranquil Hearthsong Inn.

Dr. Mitch's couples' intensive includes initial assessment and questionnaires, objective personality and behavioral assessments (including online administration of 16pf and Birkman), exercises, and focused therapy interventions, both individually and as a couple. Reflective and relational exercises can be undertaken in the beautiful, private gardens of Hearthsong or in its comfortable, charming indoor spaces. In as safe and productive an environment as his clinical practice office offers, Dr. Mitch will help you resolve specific problems and strengthen your relationship.

The retreat's customized schedule is determined between you and Dr. Mitch according to the content of your work together and the energy levels involved. You'll have time to enjoy shared meals, peaceful time resting or walking outdoors, and other activities. Your experience should be refreshing as well as relationally engaging.

Hearthsong Inn is situated 20 minutes from the Canadian border, 15-20 minutes from downtown Bellingham, and an hour from Mt. Baker.

For the complete informational packet, please visit the resources page. For booking, please visit the contact page.