Consultations with Dr. Mitch


As a psychological consultant and trainer with the North American Arrow Leadership Team, Dr. Mitch has been actively involved in leadership assessment and training for 18 years. The Arrow Leadership Program is highly regarded globally and over the past decade has graduated over 1,000 Christian leaders in Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. 

Dr. Mitch is one of the clinical professional staff at Cornerstone Counseling Foundation (CCF) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He offers staff development, psychological testing, counseling, and training services for CCF as well as other international non-governmental organizations and companies. Find more information about his cross-cultural work here



Counseling/Therapy with Dr. Mitch


Dr. Mitch has worked in the mental health field for 30 years. His past experience has included social work with Child Protective Services (CPS); clinical work at Skagit Discovery with severely behaviorally disordered children and youth; the Burnaby Counseling Group in British Columbia, where he developed a sexual offender/sexual addictions treatment program; and at Bayside Associates, Bellingham, where he also completed his doctoral clinical internship. He enjoys working with individuals, couples and groups, in both short-term cognitive and behavioral therapy, as well as longer-term psychodynamic therapy. Areas of clinical specialty include marital/relational conflict and infidelity, mood disorders, childhood trauma recovery, sexual addiction, and faith and spirituality issues. His work with marriages includes weekly therapy, individualized marriage intensives, classes, and retreats. 

  • Relational issues: marital, couple, parent-child, etc.
  • Infidelity 
  • Emotional, physical, and sexual abuse
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Trauma and grief/loss
  • Sexual addiction, sexual deviance, and sexual identity issues
  • Psychological testing and assessment
  • Christian counseling and spiritual integration issues
  • Team dynamics



Retreat. Resolve. Restore. Renew.


A custom-designed couples’ retreat in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, the Discovery Marriage Intensive with Dr. Mitch allows you and your spouse the time and freedom to concentrate and work through the most important and challenging issues in your relationship. These unique, strengthening sessions are designed to reduce feelings of distress as well as safely, productively resolve specific problems through objective personality and behavioral assessments, exercises, and focused therapy interventions in a private environment at Bellingham’s tranquil Hearthsong Inn.

Dr. Mitch's couples' intensive includes initial assessment and questionnaires, objective personality and behavioral assessments (including online administration of 16pf and Birkman), exercises, and focused therapy interventions, both individually and as a couple. Reflective and relational exercises can be undertaken in the beautiful, private gardens of Hearthsong or in its comfortable, charming indoor spaces. In as safe and productive an environment as his clinical practice office offers, Dr. Mitch will help you resolve specific problems and strengthen your relationship.

The retreat's customized schedule is determined between you and Dr. Mitch according to the content of your work together and the energy levels involved. You'll have time to enjoy shared meals, peaceful time resting or walking outdoors, and other activities. Your experience should be refreshing as well as relationally engaging.

Hearthsong Inn is situated 20 minutes from the Canadian border, 15-20 minutes from downtown Bellingham, and an hour from Mt. Baker.

For the complete informational packet, please visit the resources page. For booking, please visit the contact page.



Cross-Cultural Workers & Organizations


Mitch has traveled to over 30 countries since 1978 and worked with a broad range of teams and organizations. He lived in Europe for two years and studied European history and German language as an undergraduate. Dr. Mitch began his cross-cultural work by supporting the pastoral and literature needs of Christian churches in the former East-bloc countries of Central Europe. His work abroad diversified to training on child maltreatment and sexual offenders in Europe, Brazil, and New Zealand through organizations such as USAID, World VisionYWAM, and Pioneers. Additionally, Dr. Mitch was a significant contributor the the initial establishment of a child abuse response system in Romania. More recently he has made two trips to the Middle East as a consultant to NGO teams working in Palestine, as well as to Jordan with Salaam Cultural Museum (SCM) Medical Missions in support of Syrian, Palestinian, and Iraqi refugee populations there. 


Dr. Mitch is currently part of the multi-disciplinary professional staff of Cornerstone Counseling Foundation in Chiang Mai, Thailand, which serves the mental health needs of cross-cultural workers throughout Asia. He also works as a regular trainer and consultant for organizations based in Chiang Mai with workers based worldwide. He is a faculty member of the Asia Graduate School of Theology (AGST) Philippines Doctor of Education in Christian Counseling program and part of the staff of the Narramore Christian Foundation (NCF) Counseling and Member Care Seminar.

Dr. Mitch brings long and diverse international experience, cross-cultural sensitivity, an understanding of team and leadership dynamics, and seasoned clinical experience in short- and long-term intervention/therapy to address individuals' emotional and psychological needs as well as those of marital relationships. 



Leadership Development with Dr. Mitch


Description forthcoming.



Psychological Testing & Assessment with Dr. Mitch


As part of a comprehensive assessment of individual personality and contributions to couple and team functioning, Dr. Mitch uses a range of psychological testing instruments.  He is a Certified Birkman Consultant. For more info on Birkman offerings, please visit the resources page.

Dr. Mitch is also familiar with:

  • Arrow Leadership Profile (ALP; a 360 assessment)
  • Birkman Method
  • Cattell 16PF
  • Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)
  • Meyers-Briggs Type Inventory(MBTI)
  • MCMI-3
  • MMPI-2



Speaking Engagements, Workshops & Training with Dr. Mitch


Dr. Mitch has experience in a range of cross-cultural counseling, organizational consulting and training in international contexts. He offers counseling, training, and consultation on child abuse & neglect, sexual offender treatment, and a range of counseling, interpersonal and team issues. Over the past 30 years he has traveled extensively to Canada, Western and Central Europe, and New Zealand in his professional work with organizations such as Operation Mobilization, Youth With A Mission, Pioneers, World Vision, The Salvation Army, and Narramore Member Care & Counseling Seminar. He has written the book, Challenging the Darkness: Child Sexual Abuse and the Church (1992), which is in German translation as Brecht das Schweigen (1993), and co-authored the journal article, “Clergy Affairs: Emotional Investment, Longevity of Relationship and Affair Partners” (J. Thoburn & M. Whitman, Pastoral Psychology, July 2004).

Workshop/Training Topics:

  • Beyond Pornography: Understanding & Intervention 
  • Child Maltreatment: Prevention & Response
  • Child Sexual Abuse & the Church
  • Decision Points for Men
  • Depression, Anxiety & Medication: What to Know
  • Minding Your Marriage for Leaders
  • Overcoming Sexual Addiction 
  • Self-Aware Leaders
  • Sexual Challenges in the Cross-Cultural Context
  • Sexuality, Ethics & Christian Leadership
  • The Birkman Method
  • The Dark Side of Leadership
  • The Marriage Journey
  • The Mentoring Connection
  • Recovery from Relationship Infidelity
  • Understanding the Child Sex Offender 
  • Understanding the Man in Your Life
  • Worldview Series: Homosexuality