Speaking Engagements, Workshops & Training with Dr. Mitch


Dr. Mitch has experience in a range of cross-cultural counseling, organizational consulting and training in international contexts. He offers counseling, training, and consultation on child abuse & neglect, sexual offender treatment, and a range of counseling, interpersonal and team issues. Over the past 30 years he has traveled extensively to Canada, Western and Central Europe, and New Zealand in his professional work with organizations such as Operation Mobilization, Youth With A Mission, Pioneers, World Vision, The Salvation Army, and Narramore Member Care & Counseling Seminar. He has written the book, Challenging the Darkness: Child Sexual Abuse and the Church (1992), which is in German translation as Brecht das Schweigen (1993), and co-authored the journal article, “Clergy Affairs: Emotional Investment, Longevity of Relationship and Affair Partners” (J. Thoburn & M. Whitman, Pastoral Psychology, July 2004).

Workshop/Training Topics:

  • Beyond Pornography: Understanding & Intervention 
  • Child Maltreatment: Prevention & Response
  • Child Sexual Abuse & the Church
  • Decision Points for Men
  • Depression, Anxiety & Medication: What to Know
  • Minding Your Marriage for Leaders
  • Overcoming Sexual Addiction 
  • Self-Aware Leaders
  • Sexual Challenges in the Cross-Cultural Context
  • Sexuality, Ethics & Christian Leadership
  • The Birkman Method
  • The Dark Side of Leadership
  • The Marriage Journey
  • The Mentoring Connection
  • Recovery from Relationship Infidelity
  • Understanding the Child Sex Offender 
  • Understanding the Man in Your Life
  • Worldview Series: Homosexuality